He is the CEO and Captain of Pro-rigging.

He is responsible for directing the maneuvers of the spars and dismasting .

His specialty is sea trials where he has just trimmed the entire sailboat so that it performs at its maximum speed while preserving the structural components for as many years as possible.

He founded the company in 2009.

He has been in the rigging industry for over 15 years and meets the high demands of captains.

He began to have contact with the sea when he was only one year old.

His life revolves around the candle.

He combines his professional activity as a rigger with that of a professional sailor.

You sail with many clients of the house and you have already fulfilled your dream: to cross the Atlantic!


She is responsible for the administration and accounting of the company.

It is specialized in Office management tools , as well as in personalized management with clients via telematics and in person.

He belongs to a family of sailors and passionate about the sea, and that is why his first contact with boats was only four years old.

Elena is characterized by being very efficient, making us happy with her friendly smile and being a great professional in the development of her work.


He is the co-founder of the PRO-Rigging company together with Rodrigo Sanz.

He is in charge of directing the team of riggers and coordinating the entire human team in the field work.

In addition, he is responsible for the nautical ropes workshop and for making the rod rigging .

He has an experience of more than 15 years in the nautical industry, he is very skilled and knows the latest developments in the sector very well.

He is always up-to-date with the improvements launched by the nautical sector suppliers because his responsibility is to keep the team informed of technological developments.

His passion for the sea began competing in regattas at the age of nine.

Today he has already won dozens of national and international trophies in various classes. Such as: IOR, IMS, 420, 470, J70 …


He has 48 years of commitment to the sea.

His position depends on: the management of the projects , the orders that must arrive at the facilities and the dismantling of the yachts.

He has great versatility due to his extensive experience and also works as a rigger in the rigging changes of sailboats.

His background is very extensive, ranging from work in shipyards building sailing boats, project manager and captain of regatta boats for more than 20 years.

One of his hobbies is to go sailing with his sailboat through the coves of the Balearic Islands.


Almost 26 years of dedication to boats endorse it.

Their responsibility is very high due to the fact that they are in charge of different tasks, such as the maintenance of the workshop , the manufacture of cables , the creation of rigging and the modification of rod rigging for each sailing vessel.

If his work is not physical enough, he spends his free time running and cycling.

Sports that complement your rigger profile.

Today he has specialized in the maintenance and repair of winches in the Winche Department.


Javier Sanz has been a superyacht rigger here in Mallorca since 2012.

He also has hundreds of miles as a sailor like the rest of the team.

One design sailing regattas is what he likes the most.

Thanks to him, we add extensive experience in the world of sailing under our facilities at the Poligono de Can Valero.

His nautical record includes achievements as two-time consecutive champion of the Copa del Rey sailing in the X-35 class .

At PRO-Rigging he specializes in roping work , warehouse management , mooring lines while repairing and maintaining our clients’ materials in the rigging department .


Juan is the rigger in charge of the mast in rigging changes.

He is certified in conditioning and reconditioning of yachts.

It is one of the components of the team dedicated to vertical work at height, which prepares the masts and booms to be assembled and disassembled.

His father had already raced two of them since childhood.

The 37-foot Oceanis was his weekend residence.

Over the years he added the optimist , 420 and windsurfing . Now sail on a 40.7 .

Among the regattas he has won are: the 200 miles in height at two, Spanish cups, national trophies, regional championships …


She is the most skilled superyacht rigger in the company.

It is responsible for the olfactory detection of rust of the materials that must be replaced, due to being in poor condition.

Although it also stands out for its ability to fall asleep and eat lunch.

With it, the company gains in motivation, joy and energy.

His favorite phrase is woof woof!