We are professionals in rope and mooring lines works.

If you want to know the services of our Valencian ropes department, here we show you the categorization we provide:

1) Accessories for ropes.
2) Elastic ends.
3) Mooring lines
4) Cabos for personal or indoor use.
5) Lines for halyards
6) Threads and bobbins.
7) Networks.
8) Candle takers.
9) Mooring lines.
10) Ropes for sheets.


First we advise you on the possibilities that your sailboat has.

Then we help you select the type of rope that can best suit your goals.

Among the types of cabullería that we can provide you, we highlight the following:

1) Ropes for cruisers:

Perfect for cruise passengers who do not do regattas and are not looking for millimeter performance for each maneuver.

They are strong and durable.

Reliable for family sailing.

2) Ropes with effective properties:

Designed for those voyages that the most demanding sailors will undertake.

Along with the acoustic signals, it is a way to add prevention for night crossings.

If you plan to sail at night, we recommend these capes.

3) High-performance ropes:

They are known as the “perfomance ropes”.

They are the ideal flexible and pre-stretched lines for halyard systems.

They have high reliability due to the high breaking loads.

4) Ropes for racing boats:

They are the ones we use in stuffed gauze, for example.

They are designed and manufactured to work in different directions.

On the one hand, they try to avoid burning hands in case the rope slips. While they remain firm in the “Stoppers”.

On the other hand, the covers have a high protection against ultraviolet rays.

And in most of the cases we make, they usually have a Dynemaa soul.

5) Dyna ropes:

Our rope department usually installs them on stays, traps, straps and cons.

They have a high resistance to abrasion, bending fatigue or ultraviolet rays.

They weigh little to the touch and wear little.

Its coefficient of friction is lower than that of nylon while we can compare it with polytetrafluoroethylene.

Finally, it absorbs little moisture.

6) Mooring lines:

We make them customized for any need, normally they are designed to cover two types of regular customers:

Some, those who seek to solve a quick need regardless of aesthetics.

They are looking for a fast and reliable clamping.

Others, those that must continue with the aesthetics of the boat beyond the length.

So the finishes prevail over other things.

So that, finally, they fulfill their function firmly in the piers.


We make any diameter, material, aesthetics and functionality.

We are artisans of the capes and we are specialized in leather work.


We manufacture the ropes according to their use and functionality.

In case you request our advice, some of the criteria that we will use will be:

1) Its quality: If it is composed of others as remnants.
2) Its condition: Tangled, stiff or chafed.
3) His work: His objective on the boat, such as fathoms or luffing.
4) Its use: What are they for theoretically and what use is actually being given to them.