After receiving your call we proceed to help you.

We move to your boat and review the current state of the winches.

In the event that they are in bad condition, we will recommend a repair or replacement.

Always what is more in line with your aesthetics, functionality, objectives and budget.


Our mission is to keep you out of trouble. So we will go to your boat before and after each season.

Once a year we clean and lubricate the winches to meet the manufacturers guidelines. They recommend dismantling them every twelve months to see what state they are in.

We will review everything: the top ring , the drum , the bearings and the sprockets .

Among the recommendations we send to our clients, the common denominator is the washing of the boat to avoid accumulations of salt in the winch gears, as well as algae in the interior base.

We work with all types of winches: classic , “ self-tailing ” or “ electric “.

Whatever the model, we take care of keeping up-to-date and up-to-date with technological developments. So we will always advise you on your behalf.