About us

Rodrigo Sanz, partner-founder of the company PRO-RIGGING, decided to embark at a young age on what was already his true passion: SAILING.


It all started at a very young age, when he was only 1 year old, as his parents had a passion for sailing and passed that passion on to their children. Rodrigo soon stood out and started to be competitive.


Rodrigo founded PRO-RIGGING in 2009, eager to share his nautical knowledge. He is responsible for directing the rigging & unrigging manoeuvres.

His speciality is sea trials. Where he finishes trimming the whole yacht so that it performs at its maximum speed, preserving the structural components for as many years as possible.

In addition to more than 15 years in the rigging industry, he competes at a professional level in various competitions around the world.

He sails with many of our clients and has already fulfilled his dream of crossing the Atlantic.